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The Operator plans such work in conjunction with operators of neighbouring facilities to offset any impact on shippers while ensuring compliance with regulations including:

  • European Directive 96/82/CE dated 9/12/1996 (SEVESO II)
  • Decision dated 15/03/2000 related to operating pressurised equipments.
  • Procedures defining the organisation, means and methods that the Operator implements in case of works or manipulation at the facility, or in case of damage on the facility:
    • A company rules and regulations ("règlement intérieur") on health and safety, in accordance with articles L 122- 33, L 122-34 and L 230-3 of the French Labour Code ("Code du Travail") ;
    • A Internal Operation Plan ("Plan d'Opération Interne", POI) as per article 17 of Decree dated 20 March 2000 modifying Decree dated 21 September 1997 in application of the French law ref. 76-663 dated 19 July 1976 as regards to Installations Classified for the Protection of the Environment ("Installations Classées pour la Protection de l'Environnement") ;
    • A Prevention Plan ( "Plan de Prévention") or a General Coordination Plan ("Plan Général de Coordination").

For further information, please refer to Article 10 of the LNG Terminal Access Contract (Framework contract).


Maintenance schedule :

2023 2023
2022 2022

For maintenance schedule at Fos Cavaou LNG terminal click here


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