Our LNG tanker truck loading service

Elengy provides its clients with a LNG tanker truck loading service lasting one and a half hours and carried out under optimum safety conditions within each of its three terminals,Montoir-de-Bretagne, Fos Tonkin and Fos Cavaou. This service contributes to accelerating the energy transition in the transport sector at the heart of local areas.

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About our tanker truck loading services

Committed to reducing the climatic impact of logistics, we actively contribute to the sustainable transportation of retail LNG in France and in Europe.
We offer a high-performance LNG tanker truck and ISO-container loading service at all our terminals.

This service benefits from the growth in LNG as a fuel, which is an available and immediate decarbonisation lever. 
It also allows clients (industrial and municipal) that are not connected to the transport network to benefit from this cleaner and less CO2-emitting energy. 

We are actors of new sustainable transport models.

Number of tanker trucks loading in 2023
2 4007 400


Our offer

Capacity per terminal
  • 16 000 slots per year at Fos Cavaou (4 bays)
  • 8 000 slots at Fos Tonkin (2 bays)
  • 8 000 slots at Montoir-de-Bretagne (2 +1 bays)

The commercial slots last 1 and a half hours

  • Absolute priority to 0 accidents or near accidents in 2022 
  • Presence of an on-site Elengy operator in order to ensure safety during loading 

Driver accreditations/approvals of tanker trucks are included in the service and not invoiced. 

Truck service

Clients have access to  an App, a secure client platform, to plan loading slots up to 14 days in advance.

Let’s talk figures

The loading capacity at our terminals is constantly growing in order to meet increasingly strong demand. 

2023 key figures

70 000

tanker trucks have been loaded across our three terminals since the start-up of business in 2013.

32 000 slots

of capacity per year across our three terminals. 


is the total daily tanker truck loading capacity across our three terminals.

3,0 TWh

of LNG loaded in 2023, i.e. the equivalent of 3 standard LNG carriers.

Taylor-made contracts

Tanker truck loading contract for Montoir-de-Bretage and Fos sur Mer

Fos Cavaou
Fos Tonkin


Click here to view the available capacities and data used at our LNG tanker truck loading stations

Tanker Truck loading (all 3 terminals)
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Secondary market

List of Interested Parties

where the names of companies active at our terminals are given and who have expressed a wish for their names to be published.

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