Purchase policy

To respond to the major changes in the world of energy, Elengy has reaffirmed its goal: to successfully diversify into new gases and services in order to accelerate to a carbon-neutral world.   This commitment means that Elengy is dedicated to taking permanent action in accordance with regulations in force and the rules and principles of its ethics and compliance policies and particularly the processing of personal data as outlined in its Ethics Charter and Vigilance Plan. 

#Developing sustainable procurement

In the Engie Group’s Procurement and Ethics Policy we aim to engage with our suppliers in order to develop sustainable procurement practices.  Ethics are integrated into our vision, our strategy, our management and must permeate into the professions and practices of each and every one of us on a daily basis.

Inherent to the procurement function, suppliers and subcontractors constitute key stakeholders in Elengy’s value chain.

The procurement function manages supplier relations within the framework of a governance system aiming at:

  • significantly contributing to Elengy’s operational performance
  • being close to its suppliers, being an ambassador of its commitments to health and safety and Environmental and Corporate Social Responsibility.


80% of the volume purchased from suppliers evaluated is by EcoVadis

To assess its main suppliers in order to monitor and measure social and environmental performance in the supply chain, Elengy works with a third-party partner, EcoVadis.

By choosing EcoVadis as partner, Elengy is backed by its expertise in CSR and its on-line tools enabling CSR assessment and reporting to be optimised: 

  • Confidential and relevant CSR questionnaires as well as analysis by an expert;
  • A CSR Assessment file shared with the supplier’s other clients;
  • Tools to benchmark and improve supplier CSR practices.