ISO container loading and transportation service


ISO container rail route

A competitive offer

To help secure the LNG needed while benefiting from combined low-carbon logistics, Elengy is working with Delta Rail, operator of combined transport solutions, an integrated service for transporting and loading LNG containers from the logistics platforms at Worms (DE), Duisburg (DE) and Le Havre (FR).

The customer can leave empty containers on the departure platform and Delta Rail will collect them and transport them to and from the LNG terminals operated by Elengy (Fos Tonkin or Fos Cavaou) where the LNG loading operations take place (LNG Tanker Loading Framework Contract).

It is possible to take charge of one or more containers by taking advantage of the two weekly departures from the logistics platforms in Worms, Duisburg and Le Havre.

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1. The client delivers 

one or several empty containers to Worms, 

Duisberg or Le Havre multi-modal platforms 

2. Delta Rail takes in charge 

the ISO containers and transports them

 to our Fos-sur-Mer LNG terminals (Tonkin / Cavaou)

3.Elengy loads the ISO containers
with LNG

4. Delta Rail picks up the LNG ISO containers 

and brings them  back to their inital place

 at Worms, Duisberg or Le Havre multi-modal plateforms


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