What value does the tariff terms have?

The French Energy Regulation Commission (CRE) set the tariff terms as of 1st April 2023 at our three Elengy regulated terminals. What you need to know! 

Brochure on our tariffs

Find out about tariffs applicable as from 1st april 2023 in our three regulated terminals.

Tariffs applied in our regulated LNG terminals
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Our regasification services

The tariff is defined according to three elements:
  • The Number of Berthing Rate (TNA) which applies to each cargo. 
  • The Unloaded  Quantity Rate (TQD) which applies to the LNG quantities unloaded expressed in MWh.
  • A Gas Offtake (PG) which covers the terminal’s gas consumption required to process the cargo.
Fos Tonkin 
Fos Cavaou 
TNA (Number of Berthing Rate)90 000 €75 000 €100 000 €
TQD (Unloaded Quantity Rate)0,551 €/MWh
or Spot Tariff: 0,413 €/MWh
or Quarterly Capacity: 0,651 €/MWh
0,818 €/MWh
or Spot Tariff: 0,614 €/MWh
or Quarterly Capacity: 0,918 €/MWh
1,306 €/MWh
or Spot Tariff: 0,980 €/MWh
or Quarterly Capacity: 1,406 €/MWh
PG (Gas Offtake)0,5 % of quantities unloaded0,4 % of quantities unloaded0,1 % of quantities unloaded


SPOT tariff

A reduced tariff for: 

  • unloading operations for a given M month, 
  • booked after the 20th day of month M-1. 

Reservation is made on the basis of available primary capacity in the monthly schedule. Send-out is determined by the operator when the shipper’s request is received.


If you would like your cargo to be sent out into the transmission network following regasification according to a uniform profile, lasting between 20 and 40 days, you must register the Uniform send-out Option, subject to conditions. 

TB (Uniform Option Rate)0,07 €/MWh
TQS (Storage Quantity Rate)1,00 €/MWh/month


Do you need a pooling service?

This tariff applies to the intra-monthly transfer capacity from terminal A to terminal B, according to the following calculation:
Tariff = S – 0.9 * C
S = terminal B’s registration value = ND x TNA(B) + QD x TQD(B)
C = terminal A’s pooling credit = (NDCm - NDm) x TNA(A) + (QDCm - QDm) x TQD(A)

In no way whatsoever can this tariff be lower than the maximum between Terminal B’s Berthing Rate (TNA) and  10% of the new tariff in Terminal B.  It takes into account the following values:

  • NDCm = Number of contractual unloading operations in the month
  • NDm = Number of unloading operations in the month
  • QDCm = Contractual quantity unloaded in the month
  • QDm = Quantity effectively unloaded in the month

The restitution of gas, LNG transfer and minimum payment


What happens to surplus gas?

Each year, we undertake a balance of of the collection of in-kind gas offtake (PG) over the 1st December to 30 November period. If a surplus is observed we offer in-kind gas restitution, calculated with the surplus gas observed at the terminal on a pro-rata basis to the quantities effectively unloaded over the period considered.

What is the tariff for LNG Inventory Transfer?

This tariff is the sum of two following Terms:

  • Fixed rate: 500 €/month
  • Term proportional to the quantities exchanged: 0.01 €/MWh exchanged

What is the minimum payment obligation?

Our clients are required to pay for all capacities subscribed at the terminal at regulated rates, according to the contract’s conditions and by taking into account the additional quantities resulting from scheduling and rescheduling requests.

What is the tariff for reloading?

This tariff is payable by the shipper as soon as the operator has notified the loading schedule to the shipper.
Reloading operations may be booked and scheduled at any time between the establishment of the yearly schedule and the date at which the operation is to be performed.
It should be noted that within the context of a reloading service, no gas offtake is carried out.
 Montoir-de-BretagneFos TonkinFos Cavaou
TFR (Fixed Reloading Rate)60 000 €40 000 €120 000 €
TNA (Number of Berthing Rate)90 000 €75 000 €100 000 €
TQR (Reloaded Quantity Rate)0,343 €/MWh0,343 €/MWh0,324 €/MWh


What is the special tariff for small-scale LNG vessels?

Vessels with a capacity lower than 40 000 m3 (small-scale LNG vessels) benefit from a special unloading tariff, with a Berthing Rate of 50 000 €.

Since 2021 loading services have not been regulated.  If you have any questions, contact our sales team!
All of small-scale LNG vessel unloading and reloading operations are scheduled as from the 25th of month M-1 for month M, on the basis of remaining vacant slots.

Other costs to be considered


Port and port service fees

These costs are managed directly by shippers: duties, taxes, port fees and costs related to port services for all cargoes, transport, importation or exportation and necessary in order to perform its transfer to the terminal in adequately safe conditions.

Administrative and customs formalities

These formalities when importing unloaded LNG and the exportation of reloaded LNG are also paid for by shippers.

Duties and taxes

Shippers manage the duties and taxes that they owe in accordance with the regulations in force at all times. These are not included in the terminal access tariff.


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