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A player in the development of LNG, contributing to the speeding up the energy transition, Elengy offers strategic partnerships or consulting services for LNG projects.

We offer flexibility and the operational performance in the transportation and logistical aspects of this clean energy. 


What is LNG?

LNG is an available and immediate decarbonisation lever, an effective substitute to coal and other oil products. Elengy is thereby contributing to the energy transition of energy suppliers and the entire transport sector. 

Everything you need to know about LNG

TWh unloaded in 2023, and is as much natural energy at your disposal.


TWh injected into the network

How is LNG used?

This natural gas is extracted from a source and undergoes cooling in order to become liquid.
Smaller in volume than in its gaseous state, LNG may thereby be transported by ship and sent to gas-consuming countries.

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times smaller in volume that in its gaseous state


Taking action for sustainable energy

We are committed to limiting the environmental impact of our activities and our terminals. We are permanently seeking to reduce our carbon footprint. We are taking concrete action to protect the planet and have resolutely chosen sustainable growth.

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Elengy shares a common base of values and undertakings in terms of ethics and compliance which are at the core of all its strategic decisions, its professional practices and all its activities. 

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Where to find us

Our three LNG terminals are ideally located on the Atlantic coast (Montoir-de-Bretagne) and in the Mediterranean (Fos Tonkin and Fos Cavaou). With its 50-year experience, we are actively contributing to the development of LNG retailing in France and Europe.

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ship calls across all our terminals in 2022

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