Our LNG reloading service

In each of our three terminals, Elengy provides a two-day LNG reloading service for its clients for a standard LNG vessel.

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Fos Cavaou
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About the LNG reloading service

Launched for the first time in 2012 in our Montoir-de-Bretagne terminal, our reloading service is open to all clients having signed a Terminal Access Contract. Available at our three terminals - Montoir-de-Bretagne, Fos Tonkin and Fos Cavaou- this service allows our shippers to reload LNG that has previously been unloaded.

It can also offer the possibility of loading LNG having undergone tank transfer with a third-party shipper. Elengy operates high flow rates at Montoir-de-Bretagne and Fos Cavaou enabling a standard LNG vessel to be reloaded in just two days. These different streams offered by Elengy encourage the wider use of LNG in favour of the energy transition.

Montoir-de-BretagneFos TonkinFos Cavaou
From 65,000 (Medmax) to 267,000 (Q-Max)From 7,500 to 75,000 (Medmax)From 5,000 to 267,000 (Q-Max)


Nos contrats

The purpose of the Terminal Access Contract is to determine the conditions under which the operator undertakes to:
  • Receive vessels sent by the shipper at the terminal’s berth.
  • Unload or reload the cargo from said vessels
  • Store the quantities of LNG unloaded
  • Regasify these quantities of LNG and transfer them to the network
  • For shippers who so desire, enable the quantities of LNG stored to be traded.
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Key figures

A few key figures about our service

Up to 4,000 m3 of LNG/hour

which is the maximum reloading flow rate at our Montoir-de-Bretagne and Fos Cavaou terminals.

Up to 1,000 m3 of LNG/hour

which is the maximum reloading flow rate at our Fos Tonkin terminal. 

More than 50

is the number of cargoes unloaded by the Elengy teams.

2 days

is the time required for reloading a standard LNG carrier (Montoir-de-Bretagne et Fos Cavaou)