Fos sur Mer: small-scale LNG carrier loading service

Des terminaux performants

High-performance terminals

This service is open to vessels with a capacity of less than 40,000 m3 (known as "small-scale tankers" or "small scale"), subject to compatibility with the terminal's facilities. In this way, Elengy is actively participating in the development of new uses for LNG, a fuel with many environmental advantages.

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LNG carrier approval

All ships scheduled to enter one of our LNG terminals must be approved beforehand and must figure on the terminal’s list. Elengy also processes, on a case-by-case basis, ships nominated by shippers but which have not been approved.

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Contracts and appendices

The small-scale LNG carrier loading contract sets out the conditions under which Elengy Hub and Expertise undertakes to receive you and defines all the services linked to your subscription. You will have to get your small-scale LNG carriers approved if they have not yet come to our terminal. In order to facilitate access to the Fos-sur-Mer terminal even more, and for customers who wish to anticipate the procedures, we offer you the possibility of signing a Master Agreement for which the capacities will be specified by amendment. 

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