Historical and scheduled data

Synthesis of monthly unloading

Synthesis of monthly unloading (quantities unloaded / number of cargos unloaded)

Synthesis of monthly unloading operations
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Scheduling values

We provide you with data related to the use of our LNG terminals :

  • incoming and outgoing commercial flows,
  • quantities of gas emitted to the onshore transport network,
  • stocks and capacities day by day.

We share this information in complete transparency.

Fos Cavaou
Fos Tonkin
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For information, aggregated monthly nominations for unloading operations, net from reloads, received on 20/05/2024 for June 2024 were totalizing:

  • for Montoir LNG terminal:  2 200 GWh at 0 °C
  • for Fos Tonkin LNG terminal: 1 000 GWh at 0°C
  • for Fos Cavaou LNG terminal : 8 800 GWh at 25°C

Flows and inventories

Since the 3rd of March 2011, according to the Regulation (EC) 715/2009, ELENGY has published and updated daily the following information regarding :

  • Flows (nominated and allocated aggregated quantities),
  • Amount of gas in LNG facility,
  • Total and available capacities,

in order to comply with the new Transparency requirements as mentioned in the Article 19 and recalled here below :

" [...] Each LNG and storage system Operator shall make public the amount of gas in each storage or LNG facility, or group of storage facilities if that corresponds to the way in which the access is offered to system users, inflows and outflows, and the available storage and LNG facility capacities, including for those facilities exempted from third-party access. That information shall also be communicated to the transmission system operator, which shall make it public on an aggregated level per system or subsystem defined by the relevant points. The information shall be updated at least daily. [...]"


The information is sent in parallel to GRTgaz through Edigas messages, in order to be published by it on its own Transparency Plateform on an aggregated level per entry point from LNG facilities.


You can access the data thanks to the application below : choose a date and select the terminal to get the information wanted.