Elengy, a partner for professional associations

Determined to share its know-how and expertise, Elengy works closely with many professional associations. These long-lasting relations actively contribute to the development of best practice in the LNG sector and help to anticipate changes in regulations.

Filaire / Partenariats

We work in trust with many professional partners:

Visuel / Partenaires

AFG: Association française du gaz (French Gas Association)

The AFG is the main professional trade union for the gas sector. Elengy is a member of the energy transition task force and the Commission GNL(LNG Commission). The latter comprises many stakeholders in the LNG chain: its purpose is to discuss current topics and to voice a united message to the authorities concerned.  It includes several themed working groups such as regulations, training.

AFNOR: Association Française de Normalisation (French Standards Organisation)

Elengy participates in the comité français de normalisation GNL (BNG 282) (French LNG Standardisation Committee) which contributes to establishing standards for specific LNG products.

CEN : Centre Européen de Normalisation

Elengy participates in Comité Technique TC 282 (Technical Committee TC282)

GERG : Gas European Research Group

GIE / GLE : Gas Infrastructure Europe / Gas LNG Europe

The GIE is an organisation representing the interests of European gas infrastructure operators at European institutions and organisations levels. GLE is a branch of the GIE, in charge of European LNG terminal operators.
Elengy actively participates in different working groups and task forces in particular on transparency, on “small-scale” operations and on gas quality.

GIIGNL : International LNG Importers Cluster

GIIGNL is a discussion forum which brings together most of the LNG importers and delivery terminal operators worldwide. Its objective is to improve the safety, reliability and efficiency of importing LNG and the operation of LNG carrier terminals.
Elengy is a member of the technical and sales committees.

SGMF : Society for the Gas as a Marine Fuel

Elengy is a member of  SGMF, an organisation in charge of promoting safety and industrial best practice in the use of gas as a maritime fuel.

SIGTTO : Society of International Gas Tankers and Terminals Operator

Elengy is a member of SIGTTO, an association which encourages LNG maritime transport and promotes best practice.