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Elengy is a French public limited company with a Board of Directors, created on 31 December 2008, a subsidiary of GRTgaz within the French Group, ENGIE. 

ENGIE is a leading international Group in the low carbon energy and services activities, committed to accelerating a transition towards a carbon neutral world, thanks to low energy, environment-friendly solutions. ENGIE, is a historic natural gas infrastructure operator in France. 

ENGIE institutional website

GRTgaz operates the major part of the national, high pressure gas networks and provides several public service obligations including security of natural gas supply. Elengy is a 100% subsidiary of GRTgaz since the ruling by the French Energy Regulation Commission (ERC) of 6 July 2017. 

GRTgaz website

ELENGY owns two subsidiaries

To manage Elengy and define its strategic directions enabling tomorrow’s world to be built, a Board of Directors, a Management Committee and an Operations Committee determine its governance.
  • Elengy Hub & Expertise, French SASU (Simplified Unipersonal Stock Company), a 100% subsidiary of Elengy, manages the transshipment and tanker filling business, both of which are non-regulated activities.
  • Fosmax LNG, a SASU, a 100% subsidiary of Elengy, owns the Fos Cavaou  terminal. 

Elengy’s Management and Operations committees

This is a steering body for all of Elengy’s businesses and the guardian of cross-functionality. It elaborates the strategic areas which will be presented to the Board of Directors for decision-making, it establishes the budgets and mid-term forecasts. It follows up the company’s major projects.

Elengy Management Committee

  • Nelly Nicoli
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Didier Lhuillier
    Deputy CEO 
  • Christophe Thil
    Strategy, Development & Marketing Director
  • Aymeric Montariol
    Finance Director
  • Sabah Hamdani
    Legal, Ethics & Compliance Director
  • Claire Jourdain
    Human Resources Director
  • Marie-Laurence Berlioz
    Communications Director 
  • Olivier Denoux
    Technical Director

Operations Committee

  • Didier Lhuillier
    Deputy CEO 
  • Olivier Denoux
    Technical Director
  • Bruno Michel
    Director, Montoir-de-Bretagne Terminal  
  • Arnaud Catoire
    Director, Fos-sur-Mer Terminals 
  • Arnaud Planchon
    Projects Director 

Elengy’s Board of Directors

Elengy’s Board of Directors determine the direction of the company’s business and monitors its implementation, in accordance with its social purpose, by considering its the social and environmental stakes and challenges of its activities.

It has 13 members:

  • M Didier HOLLEAUX
    Board Member, Chairman of the Board
  • Mme. Valérie BEAUDICHON 
    Board Member, permanent representative for GRTgaz Développement
  • Mme. Raphaëlle CASTILLON
    Board member, permanent representative for COGAC
  • M. Jean-Claude DEPAIL
    Board Member
  • M. Pierre FOISSELON
    Board Member, Employee representative
  • M. Patrice GEOFFRON
    Independent Board Member
  • M. Arnaud LE CLERE
    Board Member, Employee representative
  • M. Patrick PELLE
    Board Member
  • M. Edouard SAUVAGE
    Board Member,permanent representative for SPERANS
  • Mme. Anne-Laure SCHNABELE

    Board member

  • Mme. Stéphanie SCHNEIDER
    Board Member, permanent representative of GDF International
  • M. Daniel THEBERT 

    Board member, SIG permanent representative

  • Mme Magali VIOT
    Board Member, Employee representative