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To meet the growing market demand for natural gas, the Montoir-de-Bretagne LNG terminal is adapting its facilities. From now on, it offers its customers more flexibility with a capacity increased to 18 LNG trucks loading per day, compared with 12 previously. An increase in capacity made possible especially by development work on the station and optimization of the loading schedule.

The delivery of LNG by truck can meet the needs of off-grid industrial sites, filling stations for LNG as fuel for vehicles, or LNG bunkering of small vessels. The development of this service allows to replace more polluting fuels by LNG, more economical and more ecological, to accompany the energy transition.

Since the creation of its LNG stations for LNG trucks in 2013, Elengy has multiplied by 8 the loading capacity on its terminals. Fos Tonkin LNG terminal, west of Marseille, has also increased its loading capacity by proposing 11 loads per day since July 25.

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