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The investment decision for the construction of a new LNG tank was due to be confirmed at a later date, taking account of the renegotiation clause offered to the subscribers as part of the allocation rules of the Open Season.

05/05/2014 :In accordance with the contract signed after the Fos Tonkin Open Season 2011 and validated by the Public Decision from CRE dated 13 December 2011, the subscriber has now requested the release of all the capacities beyond 2020 and therefore the swing to the “Horizon 2020 Project”.
Elengy is currently studying all the possible options for the continuation of the activity at Fos Tonkin beyond 2020 and the interested parties are invited to contact Elengy in order to discuss any potential needs such as import, storage and regasification services or alternative LNG logistical chains (retail LNG, LNG-as-fuel, unlading / reloading of small-scale tankers, LNG truck and railroad tank car loading…).

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