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Master Agreements

Access to an LNG terminal is underpinned by the signature of the LNG Terminal Access Contract.

Elengy gives the opportunity to shippers to sign a Master Agreement, which is a standard LNG Terminal Access Contract with zero capacity and without any financial commitment. This is a way to make easier the booking procedures later on: when approved and signed, the Master Agreement just need to be amended as and when the Shipper purchases capacities and when the first delivery is scheduled.

Feasibility request

This is a written request to the Operator for access to the terminal. It is not binding for either the applicant or the terminal Operator.

Response to the feasibility request

This is sent in writing by the terminal Operator to the applicant about one week after the request is received.

Reservation request

This is the supplier's request in writing to the Operator for access to a terminal. It is binding for both parties if the terminal Operator delivers a positive response.

Response to the reservation request
This is sent in writing by the terminal Operator about a week after receiving the reservation request. The terminal Operator indicates whether or not it has allocated the requested capacities.

A reservation request is binding and the "first committed - first served" principle is applied by Elengy in dealing with fully filled in reservation requests, the accredited date being the date when these requests are received.

Feasibility or reservation request form

aaAny feasibility or reservation request for getting access to one of our LNG terminals can be made by contacting our commercial team.


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