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As an historic player in the LNG import and regasification industry in Europe and around the world, Elengy has safely received more than 9 600 cargoes and berthed 220 individual LNG tankers since it received the first cargo in Le Havre in 1965.

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At Montoir-de-Bretagne, Fos Tonkin and Fos Cavaou




Our offer

  MontoirFos TonkinFos Cavaou
Size of LNG carriers accepted (m3 LNG)

from 65 000 (Medmax)
to 267 000 (Q-Max)

from 7 500
to 75 000 (Medmax)

from 5 000
to 267 000 (Q-Max)

Our cargo berthing, unloading, operational storage and regasification (send-out into the grid) service allows Elengy customers (shippers) to supply their end customers and access the gas markets in France and Europe.

Elengy schedules the berthing of previously approved ships carrying cargoes of all sizes: no standardised size is stipulated in Elengy contracts. This specific characteristic offers a high level of flexibility for the operational rescheduling of deliveries.

The regasification service proposed by Elengy is accessible to any shipper from the first delivery, on any term and for any quantity, independently from other customers at the terminal.

In the frame of this service, the operator provides a continuous send-out over the contract period that is as regular as possible for the user, depending on the terminal's global unloading schedule.


From the first delivery booked, the shipper has access to the whole flexibility included in the regasification offer:

Time flexibility: Shipper can adapt anytime their delivery schedule (quantity, vessel name, delivery date, LNG quality), and also use their Subscription Account in order to reschedule operations that were beforehand released during the calendar year (intra-annual make up).

Geographical flexibility: Pooling of intra-monthly capacities is applicable to holders of unused capacities (ship or pay) in one of the 3 French regulated terminals in order to have access to available capacities in another regulated terminal, within the same month, at reduced tariff.

Dedicated storage: At Montoir, the shipper owns a dedicated LNG storage space that can be used to save LNG for a future use or to modify its send-out profile.

Send-out flexibility: Shippers can adapt their send-out profile on a weekly and daily basis

Zero LNG send-out: Montoir LNG terminal benefits from compression devices, usage and cost being included as a base in the regasification offer, intended to inject directly boil-off gas (BOG) into the downstream network, when the LNG send-out of the terminal is not sufficient to recondensate such BOG. It gives shippers more liberty in their LNG inventory management so that LNG can be retained more easily for future operations.

Options: Shippers can also subscribe to one of the following option, complementing the regasification offer:

  • Uniform send-out option: With this option, each cargo is sent out with a uniform daily quantity over a period of twenty to forty days from the day of the end of unloading.
  • Monthly dedicated storage: Shippers can book additional dedicated LNG storage space on a monthly basis.


The delivery of cargoes over a given month M, subscribed after the 20th day of month M-1, benefits from a reduced tariff named Spot. Subscription is conducted on the basis of vacant arrival windows in the monthly schedule at the time of subscription. Send-out is determined by the operator at shipper’s request.

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