First small scale loading operation at Fos Tonkin LNG terminal

18 October 2023

On 28th September 2023, thanks to fitting-out works carried out to accommodate smaller vessels, the Fos Tonkin LNG terminal has successfully launched a new small-scale LNG carrier loading service. 

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The terminal now offers 18 loading slots per year for small scale LNG vessels of a capacity up to 40 000 m3, under maximum conditions of safety, reliability and performance. These capacities will be available on a “first come first served” basis.

The development of this new service at Fos Tonkin contributes to the decarbonisation of maritime transport by meeting the growing bunkering needs of LNG-powered carriers.

After this first loading operation at the terminal, small carriers will be able to bunker LNG-powered container ships, ferries and cruise liners in the port of Marseille-Fos. 

LNG is a sustainable, reliable and readily available solution for the energy transition challenges of the maritime transport. Using LNG as a maritime fuel will reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by a quarter, nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions by 90% and sulfur (SOx) and particulate emissions by almost 100% compared to current oil-based marine fuels. 

With its privileged location, Fos Tonkin terminal becomes a main source of LNG supply of many surrounding ports in the Western Mediterranean for bunkering purposes.

After Fos Cavaou, which has already carried out some forty LNG loadings, Fos Tonkin becomes Elengy's second terminal to provide this service, enabling Elengy to offer a cumulative number of almost 70 loading slots per year at Fos-sur-Mer.

This service is a concrete response to sustain the Marseille Fos Port (French: Grand port maritime de Marseille)  strategy "A green port serving the blue economy".