Fos Tonkin : open subscription period for 2023

Commercial - Fos Tonkin
12 October 2022

As indicated in our first announcement dated 28 September 2022, the Open Subscription Period for additional access capacities at Fos Tonkin LNG terminal for 2023 (“OSP Fos Tonkin 2022”) will take place on 18 October 2022.
Elengy offers for subscription an additional capacity of 2000 GWh at the Fos Tonkin LNG terminal over the calendar year 2023 (normatively 4 unloadings of a unit size of 500 GWh), with a distribution of one unloading per quarter.

These unloadings are offered separately according to an auction mechanism.

After this subscription window, the remaining capacities will be offered under the usual « first come, first served » allocation rule.

The interested shippers wishing to participate must first register with Elengy no later than 17 October 2022 at 14h00 (Paris time) by returning the Registration Form below.

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The Registration Form of OSP Fos Tonkin 2022
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Procedure of OSP Fos Tonkin 2022
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