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  • Requests from various shippers to access regasification capacity offered for sale
  • Market interest in long-term capacity beyond 2030
  • Fos Cavaou, a privileged access to European gas markets and to the small scale potential of the Western Mediterranean

Elengy and its subsidiary Fosmax LNG have launched a call for subscriptions at Fos Cavaou LNG terminal (“Open Season Fos Cavaou 2021”). Through this operation, Elengy proposes an increase in capacity as well as the extension of the terminal until 2045 and beyond.

Further to the non-binding phase of the Fos Cavaou Open Season 2021, several market players expressed a high level of interest over the entire subscription period offered for sale.

This success illustrates the dynamism of the LNG market and the interest in subscribing to long-term regasification capacity with a major operator well beyond 2030, in a strategic location on the Mediterranean coast, in the heart of the industrial zone of the Port of Marseille-Fos.

Fos Cavaou, at the crossroads of maritime routes and major gas infrastructures, offers a privileged access to the European gas markets and the LNG small-scale potential in a key Mediterranean location.

Elengy can now prepare the binding phase with its stakeholders and interested parties, which is planned to last until the end of the year. Shippers wishing to register can still do so by contacting terminal operator.

Fos Cavaou key figures                                                                                                                               

  • Commissioning: 2010
  • Regasification: 8,5 Bcm per year
  • LNG storage capacity: 330 000 m3
  • 1 berth suitable for all LNG carriers (from 5 000 up to 265 000 m3, Q-Max)
  • Safety certifications: ISRS8 level 6 - Quality: ISO 9001 - Environment: ISO 14001


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