The GOCO2 project has reached a new stage with the launch of Elengy's Call for Interest (CFI)

20 February 2024

From 11 March, Elengy will be providing industrial companies based in France’s Greater West area with the information they need to respond to its call for interest (CFI) to promote the emergence of the GOCO2 project, a project to capture and transport CO2 from industrial sources with a view to its permanent geological storage (CCS). 

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The aim is to carry out the feasibility study for the CO2 liquefaction and export at its Montoir-de-Bretagne terminal.

Launched in 2023 by a group of manufacturers based in the Greater West area, the GOCO2 project is supported by the Pays de la Loire region and the Grand Port Maritime de Nantes Saint-Nazaire. 

Its aim is to develop infrastructures for capturing CO2 on industrial sites, transporting it by pipeline to the existing Montoir-de-Bretagne terminal, where it will be liquefied and exported to permanent geological storage areas.  

As part of the French government's carbon capture, utilisation and sequestration (CCUS) strategy (France 2030) and ADEME's Loire Estuaire Décarbonation (ex-ZIBAC) initiative, GOCO2 represents a concrete and ambitious commitment to accelerate the decarbonisation of industrial sites in Western France. 

It would eventually reduce emissions by 4 million tonnes of CO2 per year.  

For Nelly Nicoli, Chief Executive Officer of Elengy, "this Call for Expressions of Interest is a key step for the GOCO2 project and also a major first for Elengy. Whilst we have recognised expertise in tendering and third-party access for our traditional LNG-related activities, this is the first time we have launched an CFI for another molecule, namely CO2.” 

In addition to the existing partners, GOCO2 is intended to open up to the various manufacturers in the four regions of the Grand-Ouest (Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Pays-de-la-Loire, Bretagne, Centre Val-de-Loire). Elengy's CFI will make it possible to identify interested additional CO2 emitters ready to commit to the development of the project and its infrastructures by 2030. 

Details will be available on the Elengy website:

About the Montoir-de-Bretagne terminal, Elengy's key asset for CCS in the Greater West.  

Elengy, operator of the Montoir-de-Bretagne LNG terminal since 1980, supports the development of carbon chains (CCS and CCUS) in order to assist industrial companies in their decarbonisation strategy.  The company draws on its expertise in cryogenics and as a port operator since 1965. 

Key figures for the Montoir terminal in 2023 :

  • 106 TWh injected into the grid

  • 115 ship calls

  • 16 direct transhipments

  • 2,407 tanker loadings