Rhône CO2: SPSE and Elengy join forces to accelerate the development of CO2 transport, liquefaction and export infrastructures for industrial companies in the Rhône Valley and the Fos-sur-Mer industrial port area.

03 June 2024

Fabien Poure, CEO of SPSE, and Nelly Nicoli, CEO of Elengy, announce the joint launch of a Call for Expressions of Interest (AMI "Rhône CO2") to develop a network of CO2 transport infrastructures, linking industrial sites in the Rhône valley to a liquefaction and export terminal at Fos-sur-Mer. 

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This infrastructure will help set up a CCS (Carbon Capture & Storage) chain in one of France's most industrialized regions. This solution offers manufacturers, whose processes generate fatal CO2 emissions that cannot be completely eliminated, the means to achieve their carbon neutrality objectives.

These infrastructures will also support the development of CCU (Carbon Capture & Utilisation) projects currently being studied in the region, such as the production of synthetic fuels (e-fuels).

SPSE's pipeline network and Elengy's terminals at Fos-sur-Mer are existing assets that can be reused or pooled, accelerating the decarbonization of industry while reducing costs and limiting public-private investment.

The "Rhône CO2" AMI launched by SPSE and Elengy will allow to identify  CO2 emitters and CCU project sponsors interested and ready to commit to the development of the project and its infrastructures by 2030. 

For Fabien Poure, Managing Director of SPSE, "SPSE is definitely committed to the energy transition by accompanying industrial players towards decarbonization. In partnership with Elengy and by leveraging our existing infrastructure, we are proud to propose a first-of-its-kind initiative for SPSE that gives access to  CO2 Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS) technologies to industrial players in the Lyon hinterland, the Rhône Valley and the Fos-sur-Mer industrial port area." 

For Nelly Nicoli, Elengy's Managing Director, "Following our first tender for the GOCO2 terminal in the St-Nazaire basin last March, this new project reinforces our commitment to helping industrial companies decarbonize their processes. Thanks to SPSE's pipeline network and Elengy's terminal, we can offer manufacturers in the Rhone Valley and along the Mediterranean coast a real opportunity to decarbonize their processes through Carbon Capture, Utilization & Storage (CCUS).”

Details are available on the SPSE (spse.fr) and Elengy  (elengy.com) websites.