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Elengy and Rubis Terminal have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to launch preliminary studies for the development of an LNG storage facility at the Reichstett (Bas-Rhin) storage terminal. The project is targeting the retail LNG needs of west-central Europe for the industrial and transport sectors.

 This cooperation contributes to accelerating the energy transition of the transport sector by bringing the LNG supply closer to the clients.

The planned site will be able to handle an annual volume of 85,000 tonnes of LNG. Its strategic location will guarantee a competitive price to a vast area, including eastern France, Austria, southern Germany, and Switzerland.

Furthermore, the project will contribute reducing road traffic and transport environmental impact as the satellite storage will be supplied by rail from one of Elengy's terminals (Fos Tonkin or Montoir-de-Bretagne). Customers will then have their LNG delivered by trucks charged directly on the site.

The facility will foster the connectivity between retail LNG infrastructures in Europe and contributing significantly to secure LNG supply for the industrial and transport sectors. Commissioning is scheduled for 2022.

For Sandra Roche-Vu Quang, CEO of Elengy, "the cooperation with Rubis Terminal is in line with Elengy's strategy to boost the development of the LNG as alternative fuel by bringing the supply closer to the clients. Elengy is pursuing its industrial ambition to offer innovative energy transition services, particularly for road transport." 

"The development of LNG projects is part of Rubis Terminal's approach to adapt its services and infrastructure to the changing energy demand", explains Bruno Hayem, CEO of Rubis Terminal.

LNG helping the energy transition

In response to the high demand for alternative energy, the transport of LNG by truck allows the supply of industrial sites not connected to the natural gas grid as well as sites distributing LNG for land, marine and waterway fuel. By replacing diesel, oil and coal, natural gas and LNG are helping to significantly reduce environmental pollution: elimination of sulphur (SOx) and particulate emissions, 80% reduction in nitrogen (NOx), and elimination of 20% of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

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Photo credit : © Rubis Terminal

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