Elengy signs its first client agreements for the direct storage of LNG at Reichstett (Bas-Rhin, France) in partnership with Rubis Terminal

25 August 2022

To supply zones that are far away from the main LNG supply points, rail transport represents an alternative.  This solution provides an alternative to polluting road transport with the CO2 emissions being divided 8-fold and transports costs divided 3 fold.

LNG serving the ecological transition

This facility will be supplied with LNG via rail from the Elengy LNG carrier terminals at Fos sur Mer, a transportation method that enables atmospheric pollution to be cut 8-fold compared to road transport. This will significantly contribute to securing supply and to the connectivity of the LNG retail distribution infrastructure network in Europe.  By substituting diesel, LNG significantly contributes to the reduction in environmental pollution: removal of sulphur (SOx) and particle emissions and an 80% reduction in nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions.

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To be commissioned

in 2023

130 000 t of LNG

transferred per year

24 tanker truck

loading slots per day