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map with GNL terminals of montoir de bretagne fos cavou fos tonkinSupported by its 3 LNG terminals located on the Atlantic (Montoir-de-Bretagne) and Mediterranean coasts (Fos Tonkin and Fos Cavaou), and its 50 years of experience, Elengy constantly adapts its range of services in order to meet customer demand and keep pace with the evolving LNG and natural gas markets: cargo unloading and regasification, reloading, transshipment, loading of LNG tanker trucks, etc.

The services offered by Elengy - some of the most competitive in Europe - bring its shippers the LNG hub efficiency and operational performance required to supply their end customers while optimising their LNG portfolio and maximising value creation.

The Atlantic and Mediterranean coast locations of our LNG terminals, close to both the LNG supply sources and the consumer markets, give access to a vast European hinterland to our shippers.

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