Our specific services

Elengy offers various special services in addition to its standard LNG carrier unloading, reloading and transshipment offers. Its purpose? To facilitate and optimise our clients’ logistical operations for greater efficiency and to reduce transportation’s impact on the climate.

SIRE inspection of your ships

Elengy is the sole European LNG terminal operator to be accredited by the OCIMF (Oil Companies International Marine Forum) to carry out a SIRE (Ship Inspection Report programme) inspection of your vessel. This inspection is sometimes necessary for our activity or carried out upon request by a third-party across Europe.

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Cooling down of LNG carrier tanks

After gassing-up, we can cool down your LNG gas tanks to -160°C. This operation protects the ship during loading.   

After the gassing-up of your ship’s tanks, Elengy can offer a cooldown service to lower the temperature to around -130°C. The terminal can then supply LNG to the ship in order to constitute an operational hee of LNG.  The majority of the boil-off-gas (BOG) released is reincorporated by the terminal in order to improve the operational and environmental efficiency of the operation. For a standard sized vessel, the operation takes about 20 hours.

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Approval of your ship

Before making your first stopover in one of our three LNG terminals, we offer a ship approval service for your vessel. This is essential in order for your ship to be scheduled at the terminal! We transparently manage the approval procedure for you. For ships nominated by the shipper but which have not been approved, we will process requests on a case-by-case basis. 

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Specific services

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Spotlight on other services

In our terminals, ships also have the possibility of proceeding with their refuelling or bunkering operations, the loading of spare part, crew changes, LNG-related services such as ageing studies or the adjustment of LNG quality etc. at the end of business operations and by registering beforehand, if necessary, a laytime extension.

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