Ethics & Compliance: our Codes of Good Conduct

Our codes of Good Conduct bind us in relation to our clients. Protection of sensitive information, non-discrimination and transparency: find out about our three main undertakings.

Filaire / code bonne conduite

Where do these Codes of Good Conduct come from?

At Elengy, we have established a Code of Good Conduct in line with the ENGIE Group’s ethical approach and rules set by the Energy Code. In practice, we have undertakings in this Code to meet the laws and regulations in force, whatever the circumstances. It also accompanies us on a daily basis in all our strategic decisions, our managerial and professional practices. It is distributed to all Elengy employees upon their arrival in the Group.

In parallel and for the same reasons, Foxmax LNG, co-owner of the Fos Cavaou  terminal, also has its Code of Good conduct applicable to all its activities.

These Codes of Good Conduct embody the undertakings by Elengy and Fosmax LNG complying with the obligations of the Energy Code.

What are the 3 mains undertakings?

visuel / code bonnes conduite

1. The Protection of Sensitive Information (ICS)

we undertake not to disclose the name, the company name, the quantities, the length, as well as all individual and specific information in established contracts (except on explicit authorisation of our clients). To honour this undertaking, we raise our employees’ awareness and their accountability and we have a suitable system to protect our information system.

To download the Elengy Code of conduct, click on the link below:

Download the document (0.17 Mo)

And click on the link below for the Foxmax LNG Code of conduct,

Download the document (0.18 Mo)

2. Non-discrimination

we undertake to respond to our clients in a transparent and fair way. This covers the processing of service provision invoices to LNG carrier terminal access operations, to contract management.

3. Transparency

we undertake to publish access information on the services we provide. Upstream to each publication or update, a compliance officer checks our prices, our reservation methods, how we allocate capacity and our operational data. This thereby guarantees compliance of our information with the laws and regulations in force. 


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