Fos Tonkin LNG truck loading contract is now available (French version) :
The LNG truck loading service at Fos Tonkin will be launched on 5th June 2014.

Martin Jahan de Lestang has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of Elengy and Chairman of Fosmax LNG as of April 1, 2014. He succeeds Jean-Marc Guyot, who has himself been appointed Chairman of GDF SUEZ China.

On March 25th 2014, Elengy will talk about his expertise in inner repair of metallic tanks in cryogenic atmosphere. The presentation will take place within technical workshops of the conference.

Launched in 2009, the renovation of Elengy's Montoir-de-Bretagne LNG terminal is nearing completion. The project will safely and reliably extend the use of the terminal until at least 2035, in line with the commercial commitments made to its customers. It will also ensure the terminal can adapt to changes in the global LNG carrier fleet by being compatible with Q-Flex and Q-Max vessels, to changes in the market and to expanding customer requirements by offering them new services and greater flexibility.


Today, the Fos Cavaou LNG terminal received the Al Mafyar Q-Max tanker – the very first of its kind in France. The vessel belongs to the Q-max class: the largest existing tankers for transporting Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG*), with a total fleet of 14 worldwide. This giant of the seas is 345 metres long and 54 metres wide, and can carry up to 266,000m3 of LNG – equivalent to the usage of a city such as Lyon (530,000 inhabitants) in a year.

On August 7, Elengy and the Nantes Saint-Nazaire Port joined forces at the Montoir-de-Bretagne LNG terminal to undertake their very first transhipment operation – a service offered at the terminal since July. By facilitating the transhipment of a cargo directly from one LNG tanker to another (both of large capacity) – thanks in particular to the availability of two jetties at its terminal – Elengy is addressing the new demands of LNG market players.

Elengy's Montoir de Bretagne LNG terminal and Nantes ‐ Saint Nazaire Port will be rolling out ship‐to‐ship (STS) transfer services starting this summer. Following the launch of the LNG reloading service in 2012, Elengy is now responding to market demand for direct ship‐to‐ship transfer between two tankers. STS transfers can be safely carried out in 48 hours.

Elengy launches a LNG* tanker truck loading station at its Montoir-de-Bretagne LNG terminal. Elengy will thus enable its customers (energy suppliers) to load up their tanker trucks with liquefied natural gas before transporting it to wherever it will be used. This LNG will be used to supply industrial sites or LNG as fuel distribution stations for vehicles or ships, thus helping customers to respond, in an economical way, to new environmental requirements.

Jean-Marc Guyot is appointed Chief Executive Officer of Elengy and Chairman of Fosmax LNG, as of April 26, 2013. He is succeeding Thierry Trouvé, who has held these positions since 2008, and who is appointed CEO of GRTgaz.

Elengy is launching new solutions for the promising market of LNG* as fuel, and more generally, road-transported LNG*, at its Montoir-de-Bretagne LNG terminal.

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