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12/08/2016 - The sportswoman Hélène Defrance, Elengy supported by Elengy since 2015, is in Brazil in the framework of the sailing events. Today runs his second race! Elengy accompanies her in her preparation, selection and now her medal quest.


The young woman who comes from Marseille is sailing with Camille Lecointre. With their World Champions titles in 2016 in Argentina, and a 3rd place on the World Cup event in Hyeres, they are serious candidates to Rio.

Hélène Defrance: "I feel a huge satisfaction for having managed to get the ticket for this event! It's a real dream come true! Form a powerful duo with Camille will allow us to strongly defend the colors of our country in Rio."

Allez Hélène

Hélène Defrance and her teammate Camille Lecointre

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