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Since the beginning of October, Elengy has been able to offer its customers one hundred daily LNG tanker loading slots.

At Fos Cavaou, we have just reached the station's rated capacity of 40 trucks per day, just one year after it began commercial operations on October 16.

At Montoir-de-Bretagne, we have just marketed the second loading bay. We can now load two trucks at the same time on both bays. Barely opened, the additional bays have been 100% reserved. This is a real response to our customers' expectations.

We are constantly adapting, at Montoir and Fos, to meet the growing appetite of the retail LNG market in France and Italy. +50% in 2018, +48% in 2019, +25% expected in 2020 on our tanker loading activity, the bulk of the growth is now being driven by LNG fuel, which is popular with our customers and their customers because it is cleaner, emits less CO2 and is more economical than traditional fuels. The tanker loading activity is taking an increasingly important part in the life of the terminals, a new organization is under way to meet this strong growth in demand, and new investments are being studied at Fos and Montoir to further increase our loading capacities in the coming years.  Thanks in particular to “road-transported" LNG, Elengy is strengthening its position as an undisputed European player to support its customers on the road to energy transition.

From the first bay opened at Montoir in 2013 to the creation of the Fos Cavaou station with two simultaneous bays, via the second bay commissioned in a few weeks in 2019 at Fos Tonkin, we can be proud of the development of this "road-transported" LNG service, which anchors LNG as an essential vector in the energy transition.

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