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Elengy is a subsidiary of GRTgaz within the ENGIE Group.
The company has two subsidiaries:  

  • Elengy Hub & Expertise, a wholly owned subsidiary of Elengy, manages the transhipment business, which is not regulated.
  • Fosmax LNG, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Elengy, owns the Fos Cavaou LNG terminal.

To steer these companies and define the strategic orientations enabling them to build tomorrow, the company has a Board of Directors for governance matters.

Elengy's Board of Directors has various duties:

  • It examine and considers the strategic, economic, financial and technological direction taken by the company, while overseeing the implementation of its public service duties.
  • It monitors the budget and Elengy's financing and investment policy.

It consists of three committees which prepare the Board's work and decisions on those areas for which they are competent: the Investment Committee, the Audit and Finance Committee, and the Compensation Committee.

The Board of Directors has 13 members:

  • Ms. Raphaëlle Castillon, director, permanent representative of Sopranor
  • Mr. Jean-Claude Depail, director
  • M. Pierre Foisselon, director representing the employees
  • Mr. Patrice Geoffron, independant director
  • Mr. Didier Holleaux, director and chairman of the board of directors
  • Ms. Nadine Jaudet, permanent director representative of GRTgaz Développement
  • M. Arnaud Le Clere, director, representing the employees
  • M. Antoine Paul-Cavallier, permanent representative of SIG
  • Mr. Patrick Pelle, director
  • Mr. Edouard Sauvage, director, permanent representative of Sperans
  • Mrs Stéphanie Schneider, director, permanent representative of Clerival
  • Ms. Elise Stoffaes-Colussi, director
  • Mrs Magali Viot, director representing the employees

Elengy was established on December 31, 2008.

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