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Elengy operates 3 terminals in France: Montoir-de-Bretagne on the Atlantic coast, and Fos Tonkin and Fos Cavaou on the Mediterranean coast. The former two terminals are fully owned by Elengy. Fos Cavaou is owned by Fosmax LNG, a subsidiary of Elengy, its major shareholder.

As an LNG expert for more than 50 years, with its finger on the pulse of the changes at work in the LNG market, Elengy constantly innovates in order to:

  • Provide its customers with high-quality services at the best price: berthing and unloading of LNG, regasification services, within-day flexibility,
  • Transform its terminals into LNG hubs, by developing new services: reloading of ships, transshipment, loading services for small-scale LNG tankers and road tankers,
  • Support the growing popularity of LNG around the globe – in line with ENGIE group strategy – via strategic partnerships or consultancy services for onshore or offshore LNG terminal projects.

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