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LNG terminal customers may transfer all or some of their rights and obligations to a third party under the conditions provided for in the LNG Terminal Access Contract.

To speed up easy access to its products, Elengy encourages interested companies to sign a Master Agreement for access to its LNG terminals.

In order to enhance the secondary market and ensure market transparency, Elengy publishes a List of Interested Parties, giving:

  • the current customers with an LNG Terminal Access Contract who agree to their name being published.
  • the companies active on small-scale LNG markets and whishing to have their names published.
  • the names of potential customers who are interested in regasification and wish their names to be published.


Transfer and Acquisition Form or "Bulletin Board"

The Bulletin Board is a space designed to encourage capacity trading on the secondary market. It enables customers or future customers to post a transfer/acquisition offer for access capacities in the terminal in order to find a buyer. Elengy will put the two parties in contact with one another.

Capacity transfer

Ongoing offer: none

Answer a posting: interested parties should contact Elengy or see contact details given in the posting.

Posting an offer: all current or potential customers intending to offer capacity may contact Elengy commercial team. Customers can choose whether or not to remain anonymous for this operation.

Elengy undertakes to publish this information as soon as possible in the Bulletin Board section of its website after first checking compatibility.


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