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Access to an LNG terminal is governed by an LNG Terminal Access Contract, which may run for less or more than one year.

The purpose of the LNG Terminal Access Contract is to determine the conditions under which the Operator shall:

  • receive vessels brought by the Shipper alongside the terminal berth;
  • unload or reload the cargoes of the said vessels;
  • store the quantities of LNG unloaded;
  • regasify these quantities of LNG and transfer them over the Network;
  • allow those Shippers that so desire to exchange the quantities of LNG stored.

Elengy also provides a Master Agreement to further simplify access to terminals, especially for customers wishing to make advance applications, containing detailed capacities in a special clause.

Elengy guarantees the confidentiality of information given by the applicant throughout the process of preparing and executing LNG Terminal Access Contracts. This applies to all gas suppliers, and especially ENGIE entities or subsidiaries responsible for marketing gas.

LNG Terminals Access Contract applicable from the 1st April 2021

Framework Contract



Capacity allocation rules at the Transmission-LNG Terminal Interface Point (PITTM) of Fos and Montoir

The holding of regasification capacity, regardless of its duration and level, confers the right and obligation to book the corresponding entry capacity on the transmission network.

Downstream offers

Elengy advertises offers downstream our terminals from market players which services are complementary to our regasification offer. Click here to find the offers in details.

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