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As a LNG pioneer, Elengy has been operating in the industry for 50 years in accordance with the highest market standards, diversifying the use of its infrastructures and expertise to address the needs of its customers.

Commercial transparency

In the context of the regulated energy market in France, for every new project to increase subscription capacity , Elengy undertakes the broadest possible consultation with market players. The resulting capacity allocations meet predetermined objective criteria, such as reserved unloading volume.

Diversification of infrastructure usages

To support customer demand, for the past few years Elengy has been developing new services, such as reloading and transshipment.

Small scale LNG

Elengy has set its sights on becoming a reference player contributing to the development of small scale LNG. This is a fast-growing market in France and Europe, made up of two segments:

  • Road-transported LNG, used to supply small or isolated markets: manufacturers, local gas distributors, electric power stations,
  • LNG fuel (for maritime transport or heavy-duty vehicles), which offers significant economic and environmental advantages compared to oil fuels.

Elengy is accelerating its development in the field of new LNG usages

Today, we offer our customers a LNG truck loading service at our Montoir-de-Bretagne and Fos Tonkin terminals.
For the future, we are examining the options for loading LNG onto barges or small-scale LNG tankers, which could then be used to supply coastal sites or for ship bunkering operations.

International expertise

Elengy exports its expertise as a long-standing asset manager and operator via strategic partnerships or consultancy services for onshore or offshore LNG terminal products, from design right through to operation. 


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