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Elengy's transshipment service provides a solution to the new logistics and LNG tanker fleet optimisation requirements of LNG market players: transfer of a cargo between two ships, or division into several smaller batches.

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Thanks to the facilities at its Montoir-de-Bretagne terminal, since August 2013, Elengy has been meeting the new logistics requirements of LNG market players: safely ensuring cargo transshipment directly between two LNG tankers, each moored to a dedicated berth and linked together for a 24-h call, for standard cargoes.

Our transshipment service uses connections composed of conventional articulated transfer arms and cryogenic pipelines linking the two berths of the terminal between the ships: consequently, the LNG transferred is neither mixed nor stored in the terminal's tanks.
Berthing of the two ships can be simultaneous, at the same slack of tide, in order to optimise the laytime duration for the 2 ships.

The operation - technically similar to simultaneous unloading and loading - can be used to divide a large cargo into smaller ones (break-bulking), or to optimise the LNG tanker fleet between the sellers and buyers of a cargo (ship swap).

Transshipment may also be called "Ship-to-Ship" (STS), even if STS usually refers to offshore cargo transfer through flexible hoses between side-by-side vessels.



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