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Although our LNG terminals and operations have a low and limited impact on the environment, we endeavour to constantly reduce the environmental footprint of our industrial activities.


Natural gas has been formed over millions of years by the decomposition of organic matter, such as plankton and algae. It is made up of 95% methane, which is actually the cleanest fossil fuel. The combustion of natural gas primarily emits water vapour and carbon dioxide (CO2). This property means that associated CO2 emissions are 30 to 50% lower than is the case with other combustible fuels.

Industrial synergies for over 40 years!

We need to use seawater or water from the Loire river for our regasification operations. This water is pumped and then returned to the environment in compliance with required temperature limits. For over 40 years, our Fos Tonkin site has operated in symbiosis with the neighbouring Air Liquide plant: exchange of cooling liquid via an LNG/nitrogen loop and a closed hot water loop; supply of nitrogen gas by the Air Liquide plant avoiding the need for truck deliveries. This synergy allows our LNG terminal to limit the amount of canal water pumped.
At Montoir-de-Bretagne, a similar partnership agreement has been developed with the neighbouring combined cycle gas power plant (ENGIE Thermique France). The hot water produced by this power plant is recovered by our LNG terminal for LNG regasification. This solution reduces the amount of water pumped into the Loire and neutralizes the temperature difference between incoming and outgoing water. At peak periods, this system makes it possible to limit the use of CO2-emitting submerged-combustion vaporisers.

Protection of biodiversity

Our Montoir-de-Bretagne helps to promote biodiversity as part of an agreement signed with the Ligue de Protection des Oiseaux (LPO - bird protection league): an inventory of the flora and fauna on and around our site has been performed; biodiversity areas have been set up and a system of regulatory monitoring of these areas is in place. Conferences are also organised to raise personnel awareness of the need to protect protected species.

A consultation process in support of ecological principles

In 2008, the Association des Industriels de Loire Estuaire (AILE - association of Loire Estuary industrial operators), of which the Montoir terminal is a member, was created. This group bringing together around fifteen local industrial players is committed to promoting the development of industrial ecology (air, water).

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