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After extending the operation of its historical site of Fos Tonkin until 2028, Elengy is now offering to the market additional access capacities to the terminal, the equivalent of 2000 GWh from January to December 2022. This offer is the result of an optimisation of the facilities.

Elengy will launch the commercial procedure according to a schedule compatible with the elaboration of the annual schedule for 2022..

These new capacities will be proposed as per current regulated tariff named ATM6, in accordance with Public Decision from the French energy regulator, the “Commission de Régulation de l'Energie”, dated 07 January 2021 (see tariff structure and grids for services on elengy.com).

Other calls for capacity subscription at Fos Tonkin may be envisaged at a later stage, depending notably on the results of the ongoing commercial operation held at the Fos Cavaou LNG terminal (Open Season Fos Cavaou 2021), Elengy's second site on the Mediterranean coast.

About Fos Tonkin

  • Started in 1972
  • Regas capacity to date: 18 TWh per year (fully subscribed)
  • GNL storage capacity: 80 000 m3
  • 1 berth fitted for LNG vessels transporting up to 75 000 m3 (Med-Max)
  • Certifications: Quality: ISO 9001 - Environment: ISO 1400

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