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An outline agreement was signed by Nantes Saint-Nazaire Port and Elengy, the operator of the LNG terminal at Montoir-de-Bretagne, to carry out a joint study of the possibilities for LNG as fuel in 2014. This collaboration has confirmed the interest of LNG as fuel for ships in the area and has boosted the position of the terminal as an LNG hub. A solution for truck loadings on the Montoir terminal is already available to allow truck-to-ship bunkering, and other solutions should be available shortly.

The ATLAS project (ATlantic Lng As fuel Supply) was launched by Elengy and Nantes Saint-Nazaire Port one year ago. The two organisations studied the possibilities for supplying LNG as fuel from the Montoir LNG terminal. Market studies, evaluation of different distribution systems, drawing up regulatory frameworks and various other aspects were considered with a view to enabling the terminal to position itself in the short term as the leading supply point for LNG as fuel on the Atlantic seaboard and to meet the EU requirements.

As a member of the European Union TEN-T network (trans-European transport network) Nantes Saint-Nazaire Port will have to adapt its facilities by 2025 to meet the new clean fuel regulations adopted in September by the European Parliament. The port has decided to anticipate this deadline by teaming up with Elengy and opting for LNG as fuel.
LNG has clear advantages over traditional ship’s fuels: 20% lower CO2 emissions and almost zero emissions of SOx, NOx and particulates.

In 2013 Elengy opened a filling station for LNG tanker trucks at Montoir with a capacity of eight trucks per day. This station is now used to supply industrial plants that are not connected to the natural gas network. But beyond that it opens the door to truck-to-ship bunkering with LNG as already practised regularly in northern Europe. Elengy is also studying the possibilities for supplying bunker barges which could then carry out ship-to-ship bunkering. The objective of these two services is to set up the necessary logistics chain to supply feeder ships, road carriers and ferries, as well as service vessels. Nantes Saint-Nazaire Port and Elengy's Montoir terminal are working to identify pilot LNG projects to confirm the advantages for supplying ships with LNG from the LNG terminal.

The two partners are convinced of the benefits of LNG, and since they are also ideally placed geographically they are committed to facilitating the development of the growing market for LNG as fuel.

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