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Martin Jahan de Lestang has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of Elengy and Chairman of Fosmax LNG as of April 1, 2014. He succeeds Jean-Marc Guyot, who has himself been appointed Chairman of GDF SUEZ China.

Born in 1971 and a graduate from the École Normale Supérieure, Sciences-Po in Paris and the ENA (French National School of Administration), Martin Jahan de Lestang began his career at the Ministry of Finance as a financial inspector. He became legal and financial director of the Georges Pompidou Centre in 2003, before being appointed technical advisor to the offices of Messrs Hervé Gaymard then Thierry Breton and Jean-François Copé at the Ministry of Finance.

At the end of 2005, he became Head of the French Economic Mission in Saint Petersburg, where he was in charge of the economic and commercial development of French companies in northwest Russia.

Upon his return to France in 2009, he joined the gas supply division of GDF SUEZ Group (B3G then Energy Europe Business Line). Assistant Director then Director of the Capacity Portfolio Department, he was responsible for relations with gas infrastructure operators and national and EU regulators, as well as for optimising the Group’s transmission, storage and regasification contracts in Europe within the context of the rollout of the new market model (3rd Package, grid codes).

From late 2012 onwards, Martin Jahan de Lestang was Director of performance and innovation and a member of the management committee of GDF SUEZ’s Infrastructures Business Line.


About Elengy

As Europe's second-largest LNG terminal operator, Elengy, a GDF SUEZ subsidiary, serves all operators wishing to import liquefied natural gas (LNG) to supply the French and European markets. Elengy operates France's three LNG terminals: Montoir-de-Bretagne on the French Atlantic coast and Fos Tonkin and Fos Cavaou on the shores of the Mediterranean. Elengy has a stake of over 70% in Fosmax LNG and has full ownership of the other two terminals. At an international level, Elengy also offers its expertise in asset management and terminal operation as a partner in any LNG terminal projects.
In June 2012, the Montoir-de-Bretagne terminal received its 2,500th cargo of LNG* since it began operations in 1980. The terminal has therefore received 107 different LNG tankers, i.e. 25% of the world fleet – a world record in diversity terms.

Key figures for 2013
  • Regasification capacity: 23.75 billion m3 of natural gas per year
  • Quantity of energy received: 93 TWh, ie +/- 20% of French natural gas consumption
  • Shipments received: 137
  • Customers: 30 for Elengy and Fosmax LNG
  • Workforce: 400 employees


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