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A key player in gas supply in France and Europe, Elengy operates three LNG terminals in France that import liquefied natural gas, return it to a gaseous state and inject it into the gas transmission network.

Since the start of the Coronavirus - COVID 19 health crisis in France, Elengy has strictly applied the instructions and prevention measures, in line with the changing situation and the directives issued by the French government.

In order to ensure the protection of its employees, the continuity of service at its facilities, and to provide the best possible support for its customers, Elengy has taken the following main measures in recent days :

- strictly limited access to site control rooms (operator or operation ?staff);

- limitation of all contacts, including with key service providers.

- mandatory home-working for all tertiary teams (head office employees, site support or administrative functions) and some on-call staff.

These measures are part of the company's Business Continuity Plan, a document that specifies how the company operates in the event of an epidemic leading to a reduction in the workforce or special constraints.

In this rapidly changing situation, the teams remain committed to continuing to ensure gas supplies in complete safety.

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