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The selection committee of the French Sailing Federation announced the selection of Hélène Defrance, sponsored by Elengy since 2015, and her teammate Camille Lecointre at the 2016 Rio Olympics Games in the 470 sailing category. The selection follows the victory at the World Championships last February 27th where the duo won the gold medal.

Back on that selection with Hélène Defrance: "I feel a huge satisfaction at having managed to reach the Olympics! It's a real dream come true! The Olympics are a leitmotif in everyday life, they are a true guide, that's what we fight every time we go on the water. "

Since forming their duo in 2013, Helene and Camille are constantly increasing. After a 3rd place at the World Championships 470 of Haifa (Israel) in October 2015 and 1st place in the World Championships, the selection for the Olympics in Rio only confirms the determination and tenacity Hélène Defrance. Elengy, committed to the sport values, team spirit and the sea, welcomes this success and renews its support for Helen to the Olympics.


Helene Defrance Credits Matthias Capizzano


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