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In 2020, Elengy and its subsidiary Fosmax LNG met their contractual commitments despite the health crisis. The business continuity plans implemented at the start of containment in March 2020 ensured the protection of employees, the continuity of service of the facilities in complete safety, and provided customers with the best possible support in terms of commercial programming.

Throughout the past year, in a rapidly changing situation, the teams stayed committed to ensure the supply of the French gas market. In total, this represents in 2020 :

  • 223 ship calls at the 3 LNG terminals (250 in 2019),
  • 157 TWh of LNG unloaded (168 TWh in 2019),
  • 21 transshipments (from quay to quay) and 4 reloads of standard LNG carriers (from terminal to ship),
    149 TWh of gas injected into the network,
  • 11,149 LNG tanker loadings, a 29% increase over 2019.

At Fos Cavaou and Fos Tonkin, on the Mediterranean coast, the teams managed :

  • 97 calls (120 in 2019): 93 unloading, 4 reloading of ships,
  • An injection of 65 TWh of natural gas into the network,
  • 8,304 tanker trucks loaded with LNG, a 31% increase over 2019.

The Montoir-de-Bretagne LNG terminal on the Atlantic coast maintained its commercial activity at a historic level:

  • The terminal's second record year, after 2019, in terms of the quantities of LNG handled, with 8.5 million tonnes,
  • 2nd historic year, after 2019, in terms of the number of ports of call: 126 in 2020 (130 in 2019) with 84 ship unloadings and 21 transhipments of LNG cargoes,
  • An injection of 83.7 TWh of natural gas into the network,
  • 2,845 tanker trucks loaded with LNG, an increase of 24% from 2019.

An LNG pioneer and operator of LNG terminals since 1965, Elengy is about to carry out the 10,000th ship unloading. This represents a total quantity of LNG of around 330 million tonnes, from 15 different countries, and more than 280 different LNG carriers that have make a stop at Elengy terminals.

As for the LNG tanker loading service, it continues to experience strong growth, illustrating the major role of LNG in the ecological transition. With six loading bays at its three terminals (two per site), in January 2021 Elengy crossed the threshold of 35,000 tankers loaded since the service was launched in 2013.

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