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(tariffs applicable from the 1st April 2019)


Tariff for terminal is specified as follow:

  • a number of berthing rate (TNA), which applies to each cargo unloaded
  • a unloaded quantity rate (TQD), which applies to the quantities of LNG unloaded, in MWh (0°C)
  • the gas taken off (PG), which covers gas consumption at the terminal corresponding to the fixed amount of gas needed to handle the cargo.




Fos Tonkin

Fos Cavaou

Number of Berthing Rate
90 000 € 75 000 € 100 000 €
Unloaded Quantity Rate

0.514 €/MWh


Spot tariff : 0,386 €/MWh


Quarterly Capacity : 0,614 €/MWh

0,763 €/MWh


Spot tariff : 0,572 €/MWh


Quarterly Capacity : 0,863 €/MWh

1,290 €/MWh


Spot tariff : 0,968 €/MWh


Quarterly Capacity : 1,390 €/MWh

Gas Taken Off
0,30 % of unloaded quantities 0,50 % of unloaded quantities 0,20 % of unloaded quantities


Spot tariff

Accessible for unloadings booked after the 20th of month M-1 for an operation during month M.



Uniform Send-Out Option Rate

0.07 €/MWh 
Storage Quantity Rate
1.00 €/MWh/month


Pooling Service

The tariff for the pooling service of intra-monthly capacities from a terminal A to a terminal B is specified as follow:
       Tariff = S – 0.9 * C

     S = applicable tariff for the subscription in terminal B = ND x TNA(B) + QD x TQD(B)
     C = Pooling Credit in terminal A = (NDCm - NDm) x TNA(A) + (QDCm - QDm) x TQD(A)

Pooling tariff cannot be lower than the maximum between the Berting Rate in terminal B (TNA) and 10% of the new suscription in terminal B.


  • NDCm = Number of Contractual Unloading for the month
  • NDm = Number of effective Unloading for the month
  • QDCm = Contractual Quantity Unloaded for the month
  • QDm = Quantity effectively Unloaded for the month


Gas restitution
An annual record sheet showing use of Gas Taken Off shall be drawn up by the Operator for the period from the 1st of December to the 30th of November.

If a surplus is identified, the Operator shall calculate, based on the surplus recorded at the terminal, a quantity to be returned to the Shipper on the basis of the quantities effectively unloaded by the Shippers during the considered period.


Transfer of LNG Inventory

The LNG market place access tariff is the sum of the following two terms:

  • Fixed term of €500/month
  • Term proportional to quantities exchanged: €0.01/MWh (0°C) exchanged
Ship or Pay:

The Shipper is subject to minimum payment obligation of its whole subscribed capacity in the terminal as specified in its contractual schedule adjusted of the additional quantities resulting of its scheduling and re-scheduling requests.






Fos Tonkin

Fos Cavaou

Fixed Reloading Rate
60 000 € 40 000 € 120 000 €

Number of Berthing Rate

90 000 € 75 000 € 100 000 €
Quantity Reloaded Rate
0.32 €/MWh 0.32 €/MWh 0,32 €/MWh

Tariff is to be paid by the Shipper as long as notice of the reloading schedule is given by the Operator.

Reloading operations can be booked and scheduled at any time from the annual program to a last minute booking.

Under this service, no gas is taken off.



Small scale LNG carriers are defined as vessels with a capacity of less than 40 000 m3.

Small scale LNG carrier unloading or reloading operations are scheduled from the 25th of month M-1 for month M, using arrival windows still available.

  • Small scale LNG carrier unloading:

The Number of Berthing Rate (TNA) is €50 000 for both Montoir-de-Bretagne and Fos Tonkin terminals.

All other tariff terms for small scale LNG carriers unloading are identical to the tariff terms presented in the above tables for Montoir and Fos Tonkin terminals.

  • Small scale LNG carrier loading:

This service is non-regulated since 2021; for more details, please contact the commercial team.



  • Port costs and port service costs

The Shipper shall bear port duties, taxes and costs and the cost of port services for all cargoes, its transportation, its import or export, that may be required to ensure that it is transferred at the terminal under appropriate safety conditions.

  • Customs and administrative formalities

The Shipper shall deal with the administrative and customs formalities required to import the LNG unloaded and to export the LNG reloaded under the Contract.

  • Duties and taxes

Each party shall pay any duties and taxes incumbent on it pursuant to the regulations in force at any time. The tariff to access the LNG terminal to be paid by the Shipper is exclusive of any tax or deduction of a similar type resulting from this regulation.

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