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Elengy brings and shares its expertise with professional associations. Our aim is to contribute to the development of good practices in the field of LNG and anticipate regulatory changes.

AFG – Association Française du gaz

The AFG is France's leading professional union for the gas sector.
Elengy is a member of the energy transition task force and the LNG Commission. The latter, which brings together numerous players in the LNG chain, was set up to discuss subjects of topical interest and convey a shared message to the authorities concerned. It has several themed working groups: regulation, training, etc...

AFNOR – Association Française de Normalisation

Elengy is a member of the French LNG standardisation committee (BNG 282) which helps to draw up standards for products specific to LNG.

CEN -Centre Européen de Normalisation

Elengy is a member of Technical Committee TC 282.

GERG - Gas European research group

Elengy is a member of the committee responsible for dismantling cryogenic tanks.

GIE - Gas Infrastructure Europe / GLE - Gas LNG Europe

GIE is an organisation that represents the interests of European gas infrastructure operators to European institutions and organisations. GLE is the branch of GIE responsible for European LNG terminals.
Elengy plays an active role in various working groups and task forces, particularly relative to transparency, small-scale operations and gas quality.

GIIGNL - Groupe International des Importateurs de GNL

The GIIGNL is an information exchange forum bringing together the majority of LNG importer and LNG terminal operators around the world. Its objective is to enhance the safety, reliability and efficiency of LNG imports and the operation of LNG terminals.
Elengy is a member of the technical and commercial committees.

SGMF - Society for the Gas as a Marine Fuel

Elengy is a member of the SGMF. This organisation is responsible for promoting safety and good industrial practices relative to the use of gas as a marine fuel.

SIGTTO - Society of International Gas Tankers and Terminals Operator

Elengy is an active member of the SIGTTO. This association promotes maritime transport in the field of LNG and ensures the dissemination of good practices.

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