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Sharing our 50-year Experience

Outside France, Elengy brings its combined expertise as owner and operator through strategic partnerships or advisory services for onshore or floating LNG terminal projects, from design right through to operation.

A tailor made solution

Advice, technical assistance, audits, opportunity and feasibility studies, project development and management in the fields of permitting, marketing, safety, operation, interface management... Elengy shares its know-how and expertise to support the development of LNG around the world.

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From Singapore to India, via Canada, the Middle East or Chile, Elengy has been involved in many LNG terminal projects around the globe.

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ELENGY and GTT Training Ltd

ELENGY and GTT Training Ltd combine the extensive resources and experience of both organisations to offer a new course in the handling of LNG for both shore (truck) and marine personnel.

This training includes :

- What is LNG and how does it behave
- The requirements to ensure transfers are completed safely
- LNG bunker delivery methods
- Evaluation of typical incidents that can occur with truck deliveries of LNG
- Visit to the truck loading facilities
- Emergency response, fire fighting, including hands on experience

People who can take a training course are :
- All personnel who may be engaged in the transfer of LNG using trucks for the bunkering of vessels using LNG as a fuel.
- Mariners who wish to gain a more detailed understanding of the issues that have to be considered
- Anybody who will be engaged in LNG bunkering activities

To do a request, please follow the link : http://www.gtt-training.co.uk/handling-lng-for-truck-and-marine-personnel

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