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As part of ENGIE's global strategy, Elengy implements a policy of corporate responsibility, promoting diversity and the integration of personnel with disabilities.


Elengy was awarded the Diversity label on 6 June 2014. This label, awarded by the AFNOR – Agence Française de Normalisation, the French accreditation commission –, recognises Elengy's firm and proactive commitment to the promotion of diversity, via the prevention of discrimination in its human resources management policy (recruitment, integration and career management).

Supported by this certification, Elengy continues its diversity commitments:

  • Respect and promote the principle of non-discrimination, in all its forms and at all stages of the human resources management process.
  • Reflect today's society and make an asset of diversity.

Employees with disabilities

Elengy implements a resolute, determined and long-term policy to encourage the employment of people with disabilities via two commitments:

  • Improve and perpetuate the company's commitment and actions to promote the development of employment for people with disabilities and provide them with support,
  • Increase the level of employment for people with disabilities by implementing the full range of levers available: recruitment, purchasing of services or supplies from companies employing people with disabilities.

Work/study programme policy

Elengy contributes to the national drive to promote continuing professional training, ensuring that work/study programmes are:

  • A route to excellence for preliminary recruitment of personnel meeting the company's needs,
  • A social project to promote diversity and social integration.

The company is committed to a strong, dynamic policy in terms of welcoming trainees and implements concrete actions to support the employees concerned.

The law of 31 March 2006 relative to equal opportunities makes work/study and apprenticeship programmes a national priority to help resolve the problem of providing young people with training and access to the workplace. This law encourages large companies to make a financial contribution or to opt to increase their capacity to take in and supervise young people on vocational training or apprenticeship contracts.

An agreement relating to Elengy's work/study programme policy was signed in June 2009. It stipulates the conditions for supporting young people on apprenticeship or vocational training contracts in the subsidiary.

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